Higher Retention
Lower Burnout
Choose Wellness

Prioritizing employee well-being and engagement has been proven to increase retention, and reduce burnout making it essential for small businesses to thrive.

Higher Retention
Lower Burnout
Choose Wellness

Prioritizing employee well-being and engagement has been proven to increase retention, and reduce burnout making it essential for small businesses to thrive.


National Engagement Average


Min. Expected Engagement w/Kadapult

Connecting Well-Being and Employee Engagement

Each has a unique effect but together, they enhance employee performance

Reduced Burnout

Our tailored wellness programs identify burnout by department, allowing proactive recommendations and interventions, reducing stress and exhaustion.

Increased Retention

By aligning well-being initiatives with employees' needs, we foster a supportive community that employees want to be a part of, ultimately leading to higher retention rates.

Improved Productivity

We provide managers with tools to boost engagement, ensuring that employees are thriving at work, resulting in enhanced company productivity and performance.

Show employees you care, and they will be...


more likely engaged at work


less likely to actively search for a new job


less likely to report experiencing a lot of burnout


more likely to be thriving in their overall lives

Assessment + Creation

Our wellness programs are tailor-made. We start with an in-depth assessment to capture your company's unique pulse—aligning our program with your culture and values.

From there, we design a program that's a perfect fit, mixing activities that employees enjoy with those they need for their well-being, like preventive health visits.

But it's more than just activities; it's about empowering managers with the tools to foster engagement.

At Kadapult, we blend well-being and engagement—because together, they're a powerhouse duo that boosts performance, productivity, and curtails burnout.

Clients that focus on their employees saw


Reduction in Sick Days


Higher Benefit Usage


Increase in Retention

Integrating Employee Feedback

Our program is designed to actively listen and respond to your team's needs, creating a path toward improved well-being and deeper engagement. ,

The natural progression is integrating feedback mechanisms into the wellness program so we can pinpoint areas to reduce burnout and boost retention so we can further refine your program.

This approach demonstrates to employees that their well-being is a priority, directly contributing to a culture that values their contributions which ultimately improves your company's retention

Data Driven Refinement

Our programs rely on extensive data collection. We start with company assessments and employee feedback. We then enhance your program with additional employee health data, including biometric health screenings and health risk assessments, to further fine-tune it.

We then analyze this data to identify patterns and indicators, such as burnout levels across departments, and pinpoint areas of concern like mental health.

With these insights, we can further tailor wellness programs specifically for your company, offering targeted recommendations to managers and promoting essential resources directly to employees like Employee Assistance Programs when needed.

Our approach is all about using data to inform decisions, resulting in a wellness program that's not just customized, but also instrumental in driving company-wide improvements

Stress-Free Implementation

Seamless Integration

Integrating our wellness programs into your company is smooth and stress-free. We take your existing initiatives and amplify their impact, ensuring they align with our comprehensive wellness solutions.

Effortless Program Rollout:

Our rollout process is designed to be quick and efficient, valuing your time and enabling you to focus on your company's mission without delay.

Expert Guidance

Our experts are hands-on, offering in-depth support and insights. We're committed to not just enhancing your wellness strategies but ensuring they contribute to your organization's long-term excellence.

Our Happy Customers

Here's what our clients and their employees have to say...

The thorough wellness audit pinpointed exactly what we were missing and helped us implement a program that our team actually enjoys. The difference is night and day—our employees are more engaged, and we're seeing real progress in their well-being.

Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Manager


I struggled to find a wellness program that fit our unique culture, until I found you guys. Your plan was spot-on, aligning with our values and giving our managers the tools to succeed. We have seen an increase in engagement and overall health improvement the last 4 years in a row.

VP of Human Resources
VP of Human Resources


I’m so happy that PRMI has a program like this, I’ve needed someone to talk to about my health and it’s so great that I am able to now. It just shows how much this company cares about the employees here.

Wellness Participant
Wellness Participant


Because of you guys, I honestly feel like you SAVED MY LIFE. I didn't know I had high blood pressure and that's the silent killer so because of you I have a plan and its now under control.

Wellness Partcipant
Wellness Partcipant

Dick Hannah Dealerships

Questions & Answers

  • 1. What's the 1st step?

    The initial step is booking a call so we can analyze your current wellness resources and objectives to identify areas of success and potential improvement. We will then create a wellness plan that outlines exactly what you can do to improve engagement and well-being.

  • 2. What can I expect?

    Anticipate a wellness program that's custom-built for your company, targeting specific health and engagement goals. It's crafted to drive participation and promote healthier habits, with the aim of boosting overall morale, reducing burnout, and supporting a more vibrant, productive work environment

  • 3. Is there a free plan?

    Yes. We begin with a wellness audit, followed by developing a customized well-being strategy and providing a detailed implementation guide. This will provide you with enough information to get you started on launching your own wellness program for free.

  • 4. How is privacy handled?

    We adhere to HIPAA compliance to safeguard all health data. Our surveys are conducted anonymously to protect employee confidentiality, allowing for honest feedback without any personal identifiers.

  • 5. What is Engagement

    Employee engagement is the emotional commitment and enthusiasm employees have for their work and company. Engaged employees are motivated, contribute positively, and align with organizational goals.

  • 6. What is Well-being

    Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. It encompasses various aspects such as physical health, mental health, emotional stability, social connections, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life. It's about individuals feeling good and functioning well in their lives.

  • 7. Who does Kadapult work with?

    These programs are ideal for businesses with 100 to 500 employees looking to boost employee well-being and engagement. Kadapult is not a good fit for very large corporations or businesses seeking generic, less tailored solutions. Additionally, companies that are not prepared to actively participate and provide feedback for the program's continuous improvement could find it less effective.

  • 8. What if employees are not satisfied?

    If employees are not satisfied with the program, we will work to make it right at no extra cost or provide a refund​. This is part of our dedication to delivering a service that truly benefits your workforce and aligns with your company's wellness objectives.

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