Help Your Team
Feel Valued

Boost employee engagement and well-being with ease, propelling productivity and retention upward while efficiently addressing burnout.

When employees feel valued, they are..


more likely to be engaged while they are at work


less likely to actively search for a new job


less likely to report experiencing a lot of burnout


more likely to be thriving in their overall lives

How Our Clients Increase Engagement

Complete Implementation
Complete Implementation

Feel the ease of cruise control, as every initiative rolls out with zero stress.

Start with Managers
Start with Managers

Empower management to know where to spend their efforts on how to improve engagement.

Send Communications
Send Communications

Gain insights to effectively communicate the right messages to the right employees.

Give Out Recognition
Give Out Recognition

Empower your team with a platform for ongoing and effortless peer recognition and kudos from managers.

Constantly Check-In
Constantly Check-In

Gauge your workforce through assessments, surveys so you know how to boost employee happiness.

Centralize Benefits
Centralize Benefits

Benefits all in one central location, boosting usage and ensuring employees that you care.


Gain insights from industry leaders, simplifying your process. We manage the complexities, empowering you to optimize your program. Our support ensures you achieve your objectives and employee satisfaction.

Expert Guidance

Our experts provide more than just advice; they work directly with your team to offer valuable insights and guidance every step of the way. This dedicated support ensures not just a time-saving experience but also strengthens your company’s long-term prosperity and excellence

Seamless Integration

Our integration process goes beyond mere setup; it's a harmonious fusion of your current wellness activities with our innovative strategies. By working closely with your team, we ensure a smooth transition that not only enhances your existing resources but also respects the unique fabric of your company culture.

Effortless Program Rollout:

Our rollout ensures a smooth wellness program launch, saving you time and avoiding disruption, so you can focus on your core mission.

Reduced Admin Burden

Consider our team your dedicated support staff, managing the demanding work, allowing you to relax. With us, your involvement is minimal as we take care of everything else.

Program Effectiveness

We simplify your wellness program by applying evidence-based methods, providing clear steps to achieve your goals, akin to following a precise recipe for outstanding results.

Data Driven Insights

You gain essential insights to enhance engagement, empowering you to refine and strategize for success, as if reaching a high score in a game.

Start with Managers

Effective managers are key to fostering engagement. Supporting managers with the right tools and resources equips them to cultivate a workplace where engaged employees thrive and choose to remain.

Heat Maps






Suggestion Boards


Burnout Indicators




Science Backed Suggestions


Engagement Rates


Well-Being Participation



Clear communication is essential for maximizing participation and engagement in any employee well-being program. We can help elevate your initiatives in several key areas.



Benefits Enrollment


Policy Changes


Special Event Promotions


Company Wide Announcements


Targeted Communications


Wellness Challenges


Health Screenings


Mobile Notifications




Benefits Enrollment


Policy Changes


Special Event Promotions


Company Wide Announcements


Targeted Communications


Wellness Challenges


Health Screenings


Personalized Messages

We utilize employee wellness data to personalize messages that align precisely with each individual's health journey. Here are some specific areas we can focus on!



Chronic Illness




Benefit Usage


Activity Completion





A culture of appreciation can significantly reduce burnout, with 71% of employees feeling more supported when recognized. Let’s cultivate an environment where praise from managers and peers is as uplifting as a sunny summer day.

Decrease Burnout


Increase Retention


Managers Shout-outs


Peer to Peer Shares


Incentives & Rewards


Online Suggestion Box



Examine closely and understand the reasons behind lack of employee engagement. Our expertly designed surveys apply organizational psychology and data science, providing precise insights into the causes of disengagement. Partner with us to improve engagement and inspire action.

Identify Opportunities


Science Backed Questions


Data Driven Recommendations


100% Anonymous


300+ Templates


Track & Measure


Benefits Hub

Higher Utilization

Employees won’t utilize benefits they’re unaware of. A centralized hub ensures resources are visible and accessible, leading to increased utilization.

Increased Engagement

When employees actively use their benefits, they feel more connected and cared for. This makes them 2X as likely to be engaged at work.

Less Time & Effort

You no longer have to dig up benefit packages and email them. Simply point employees to the hub where all information is available for self-guided exploration.

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