Employee Well-Being

Boost employee engagement and well-being by launching a custom wellness program with $0 biometric health screenings; your employees will love it all and if they don't, we will refund you! Get started for with our free wellness plan and let's transform your workforce.

Wellness Portal

All the essentials of a wellness portal to foster health and well-being among your employees.


Our marketing professionals will craft materials to help you effectively promote your initiatives.

Health Screenings

Health screenings are standard with all our wellness programs to enhance your experience.

Wellness Portal

The wellness portal provides your employees with a comprehensive resource to manage their health and well-being. It's designed to engage users with interactive tools and personalized content, ensuring they have everything they need to stay healthy and motivated at work.

Benefits Hub

Consolidate all essential work-related resources in a centralized hub. From health plans to EAPs and other benefits, everything is accessible in one spot for your team to quickly find and use with ease.

Mental Health

Our Mental Wellness area offers support, advice, and resources to maintain your team's mental health. A stress-free space dedicated to nurturing a healthy, positive mindset.

Social Community

Create a vibrant community within your workplace that celebrates achievements and fosters mutual support. This social platform encourages recognition and camaraderie, enhancing overall morale and a culture of health.

Incentive & Rewards

Our incentives and rewards program is designed to motivate and engage employees. It's a dynamic way to inspire teamwork, drive goal achievement, and integrate well-being into your company's ethos.

Health Risk Assesment

Gain valuable insights into your team's health with our Health Risk Assessment. It directs your wellness initiatives and provides personalized guidance for every employee, promoting a healthier, more productive workplace culture.

Personalized Communications

Tailor your communication strategy to meet the unique needs and preferences of different employee groups, ensuring meaningful engagement and desired outcomes.

Self Help Videos

Access a library of self-help videos that provide your team with the tools for personal development, inspiring them to excel both personally and professionally.

Wellness Challenges

Engage your workforce in wellness challenges that promote health and team spirit through friendly competition, fostering a commitment to well-being and camaraderie.

Activity Tracker

Encourage a more active lifestyle with our activity tracker that enables employees to participate in challenges, monitor progress, and earn rewards for achieving health goals.

Health Screening Result

Provide your employees with the ability to monitor their health screening results, offering a comprehensive view of their wellness and encouraging informed health decisions.

Points Redemption

Motivate your employees by allowing them to earn points for healthy behaviors, which can be redeemed for rewards, thus driving engagement and encouraging a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Personal Health Record

Offer your employees the convenience of a single access point to their entire health history, empowering them to manage their well-being effectively.


of employees find their current benefits offerings inadequate to their needs


of employees lack a clear understanding of their available benefits


of the workforce view health and wellness programs as essential when considering a job offer

Centralize All Your Benefits

The Benefits Hub

Higher Utilization

Centralizing resources in one hub ensures employees are aware of their benefits, leading to greater use.

Increased Engagement

Regular benefit usage fosters a sense of belonging and care among employees, doubling the likelihood of their engagement at work.

Less Time & Effort

Forget the hassle of distributing benefit information manually. Direct employees to the hub for all the details they need, saving time and effort.


Effective communication is key to elevating participation and engagement in any employee well-being program. Here's how we can enhance your wellness initiatives:



Benefits Enrollment


Policy Changes


Special Event Promotions


Company Wide Announcements


Targeted Communications


Wellness Challenges


Health Screenings


Mobile Notifications


$0 Health Screenings

Health data is a crucial enhancement to your wellness program, which we provide at no cost to ensure optimal well-being for your employees. It's a benefit that supports health without impacting your budget.

Our Happy Customers

Here's what our clients and their employees have to say...

We were very impressed with the turn out at this year's screening event. Our participation more than tripled from last year, so thank you for helping us do a better job communicating and coordinating the events.

Benefits Manager
Benefits Manager

Mentor Graphics

I’m so happy that PRMI has a program like this, I’ve needed someone to talk to about my health and it’s so great that I am able to now. It just shows how much this company cares about the employees here.

Wellness Partcipant
Wellness Partcipant


Ever since we kicked off our wellness program, it's been very smooth. The constant reminders and communication has been invaluable. The team's been loving the wellness challenges, and it's nice to see everyone coming together to cheer each other on and also competing against each other.


Bennington Properties

The wellness portal has been a hit in the office, no doubt. It's straightforward, you just log in and get going with the activities. And when we complete certain activities our company gives us a wellness discount from our health insurance.

Wellness Participant
Wellness Participant

Consumer Cellular

Others have asked us...

  • 1. What experience do you have creating corporate wellness programs?

    Our team brings decades of industry experience, designing surveys with expertise from organizational psychology and data analytics to deliver precise corporate wellness programs.

  • 2. Do you offer reporting to measure our program success?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive reports tracking key metrics like burnout and engagement to gauge the success of your program.

  • 3. What incentives should I provide?

    Other clients have offered incentives from simple gift cards to health insurance discounts. It's all about finding what works best for you! We will work with you closely and create a plan that matches your budget and goals.

  • 4. How do you help employees who aren't engaged in wellness programs get started?

    To engage hesitant employees, we employ targeted communication strategies and managerial support, ensuring everyone has the encouragement they need to participate.

  • 5. Can the wellness portal collect biometric screening data?

    Our wellness portal securely collects and stores biometric screening data, ensuring confidentiality and data protection.

  • 6. What type of companies do you work with?

    We partner with a wide range of companies, typically with 100-500 employees, across various industries and locations, customizing our services to each unique environment.

  • 7. Can employees' spouses participate in wellness offerings?

    Spouses of employees are invited to participate in our wellness offerings, expanding the benefits and enjoyment to families.

  • 8. Do you guarantee employee satisfaction?

    We do guarantee employee satisfaction, offering additional support at no extra cost or a refund if your employees are not completely satisfied.

  • 9. How would you tailor our wellness program to meet our needs?

    We personalize wellness programs through an initial audit, followed by a tailored plan and guide, all provided at no charge, with continuous adaptation based on employee feedback.

  • 10. How can employees provide confidential feedback on their wellness experience?

    Employee feedback is collected anonymously throughout the program to maintain confidentiality and drive high engagement.

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